Raptors Squad Augax Complete

Well these guys have been done for a while now, but I thought I’d finally get around to photographing and posting them. Here’s the second demi squad and the whole group shot

Deadzone: Progress made!

I finished painting all the Plague troopers although I’m still working on the Stage 1 and Stage 2s, and the dogs. I also have about half the enforcers done, and enough variety to field a few kinds of teams.

Knights: The Implications.

So I’ve been thinking about the implications of the new Imperial Knight model that GW is going to be putting out next week, and what it means for 40k in general.

This week in hobby.

I’m going to start doing regular posts on what I’m working on without worrying about making awesome pictures of it, mainly because it will help me post more frequently, and I like sharing what I’m up to hobby-wise.

40k: Tearing down the walls.

So there has been this major trend towards breaking down the barriers between different armies in 40k. It started with allies in 6th and then suddenly the Inquisition and dataslates started adding extra layers, and now I’m hearing that certain units from the new Imperial Guar…er…Astra Militarium units will be able to be “pluged-in” to other imperial forces.

Seer Council got you down? Maybe try a different sort of event.

Apologies in advance for the tough talk. I wasn’t really aware of the apparent frustration with the Las Vegas Open’s final results because the only article I had read on it was on BoK, and he seemed cool with it. And while half the top 8 were Eldar, they weren’t the same exact list, and there was a fair representation of other lists in there, and other netlist-boogeymen like Taudar and Screamerstar were absent. Seems pretty healthy to me.

Warhammer: Visions–is this what was wanted?

So, I just watched a video review of Warhammer: Visions, and I’m a little puzzled and more than a bit disappointed.

Infinity Update: At last, Gwailos

I have been terribly unfair to my Infinity figures for at least 6 months now, and I decided to change that today.

Drybrushing: Finding a balance.

So, I used to frequent CMON a lot a few years ago, though mostly as a lurker. If I had to pick one thing I learned reading the threads by pro-miniature painters, it was that drybrushing is for rubes.

The Hobby: Percentages

Here’s my own personal take on the larger discussion about GW’s stock dive:  4 years ago 100% of my hobby time was dedicated to GW products.  No board games, no Infinity, no Deadzone, nothing.  Just GW.  Why?  Because when I was young and interested in the hobby, they were the hobby.  When I returned to it as an adult 4 years ago, that was still my gateway back in. 4 years on, my hobby life could hardly be more diverse

Deadzone: Now with 100 point games.

I am curious how this will effect the balance of the game on such a tight space, but I’m glad that the designer has chimed in on it seeming to be OK. It’s refreshing to see the design process in such a transparent manner!

So you’re going to ban my FW army at your tourney.

I’ve asked a few people on the internet if they would allow my Raptors in a tournament they run.

Do you paint with a magnifying lamp?

I just got one for Christmas.

Level 7: Omega Protocol

A while back I had said I was looking into getting some Privateer Press stuff.  Well I did, but not Warmachine or Hordes!  I’ve been hearing consistently excellent things about PP’s new entry in their Level 7 series of games, Omega Protocol.

Adeptus Sororitas: Update

So I meant to post this ages ago, but I managed to stick to my guns about the black/gold color scheme for my Adeptus Sororitas.

Thoughts on White Dwarf’s Future

Last year I wrote this editorial about the future of White Dwarf; at the time I said that in its current format the magazine was obsolete. It seems that GW finally came to a similar conclusion.

Raven Guard: Ideas about painting blue black

So, even though my army is Raptors, I LOVE the Raven Guard themselves and I’m finding it harder and harder not to start painting some up. I’ve been looking at a lot of great RG models to get ideas and I think I’ve come up with a method to experiment with that I thought I’d share before I get started.

Gaming Session: Dark Age with Natfka.

Dark Age is one of those games that wasn’t really on my radar until Natfka over at Faeit212 started posting about it regularly. He seemed really dedicated and enthusiastic about the game which got me curious about it so I asked if for our next gaming session we could pull it out and play a few rounds.

Painting Blood Angels: No Substitutes for Experience

I’ve been getting numerous requests for paint “recipes” for my Raptors and Blood Angels of late; here are both recipes:

More Alkemy

The more of these figures I paint the more I am in awe of them.