Peter Dinklage in Destiny is Great.

It seems like every article on Destiny feels like it MUST comment on Peter Dinklage’s performance as your Ghost drone. His delivery is supposedly being read like he doesn’t know what the words he is saying actually mean, and that his delivery is incredibly flat.

Descent Co-op now available for print on demand!!!

Well, it happened faster than I expected; Fantasy Flight has released their Forgotten Souls Co-op expansion for Descent for print-on-demand. I have already ordered mine, and it should be here by Friday.

Spread a little thin…and loving it.

I sometimes wonder just how many tabletop systems I can actively have my hands in.

Treeman Progress

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been really loving my new hobby corner, and one of the best parts of it so far has been the dedicated airbrush space, so that I can just bust it out and work with it much more quickly, which has really helped me to get better at using it.

Learning to play Shasvastii

Another week, another game night full of brutal lessons in my continuing crash course in Infinity.

Stormclaw: A one-off or a new release model?

After I got over the disappointment wore off that Blood Angels are apparently now slated for February (let’s hope that rumor is way off, as opposed to the Blood Angels) I decided to take a look at what is in front of me: Space Wolves and Orks. Not bad. I have a couple wolves myself. Not that into the idea of starting an Ork force, but hey, I do like them, and wouldn’t mind painting up a dozen or so for fun.

Finally playing some Infinity!

I finally got in some real games of Infinity, not just BS soloing by myself. I found a nice group of players locally and they were very helpful in getting me up to speed about how to play. I have to say I really love that game.

Game Review: Fairy Tale

I had a rather nice week for gaming; I picked up Fairy Tale, a nice taut little card game with my wife when we were in Seattle for the weekend, and it’s a fun little drafting number.

Another Prodigal Gamer in the making.

Over the last few years I have had a blast with my nephew, who has been at that wonderful age of 8-11. He’s a really smart kid and whenever he or I visit, we break out some games and have a great time. It’s also a situation where I feel like I have been racing against the clock because the last time I saw him, he had to add an asterisk to his fun and laughter at the end of the game night that while that was fun he still “doesn’t like ‘RPGs’”.

Descent: Journeys into a Co-op?

Descent 2nd edition is one of my favorite games. I also never get to play it. The reason for that is pretty straight forward: I have no one to play with. Yes, my wife is a good spirited gamer when asked, and she certainly enjoys plenty of games, but Descent has never been her bag. Mainly because of two factors–she doesn’t like that you can’t kill the heroes, and because someone has to be the overlord. Normally that person is me.

The importance of dedicated hobby space

For as long as I have been building and painting miniatures, I have had to make due with my office doubling as my hobby space.  It was a workable, if unideal situation.

Breaking Blogging’s #1 rule

I try to never make excuses for not posting in a while, because it’s generally bad form, and roughly 90% of blog posts in the world are apologies for not posting regularly. But I’m going to sort of cheat and sneak an apology into this post along with an explanation of what I’ve been up to lately.

What Chapter are those Marines?

You will be thrilled with how simple and how transformative transfers can be to your hobby.

The Force Org Chart Still Exists.

It will be OK.

Top 5 Hearthstone Cards for Beginners

As you start your Hearthstone journey, you’re going to need to come to terms with your generally limited access to cards at the beginning. But very quickly you will start adding cards, and it’s good to know what common neutral cards are worth their salt in many decks. Here are my top 5 neutral commons that you will want to use.

Sideboards: FINALLY.

The rumor of sideboards, or “secondary detachments” coming to 40k had me nearly clicking my heels when I read it over my coffee this morning.

Hearthstone: A Gaming Triumph

I’ve discovered Blizzard’s Hearthstone. I feel slightly late the party on that one, because it’s been in open beta for months, but all of those “free-to-play” banners might as well have read “this game has herpes” for all that I care about free-to-play games in general.

Raptors Squad Augax Complete

Well these guys have been done for a while now, but I thought I’d finally get around to photographing and posting them. Here’s the second demi squad and the whole group shot

Deadzone: Progress made!

I finished painting all the Plague troopers although I’m still working on the Stage 1 and Stage 2s, and the dogs. I also have about half the enforcers done, and enough variety to field a few kinds of teams.

Knights: The Implications.

So I’ve been thinking about the implications of the new Imperial Knight model that GW is going to be putting out next week, and what it means for 40k in general.